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FORLOG is a group of companies coordinated and directed by FORLOG AG based in Zurich.
FORLOG AG was founded in 1997 and is active in Project Management and Procurement for Civil and Industrial Engineering,
as well as in Consulting and Trade Development.

Our mission is to utilize our strong network and wide range of expertise to deliver high quality services and turnkey solutions to the clients in various regions and industries. Through our business activities we want to contribute to an ecological and sustainable development. Protection of the environment is a matter of strategic importance for FORLOG AG.
Pure energy, clean water and a constant focus on caring for our planet and its resources are our strategic priorities. We respond to this challenge via business partnerships providing targeted combination of resources in desired location at a low cost, allocating technical facilities and manpower to fit assignments in question. Joint capacity of our incorporators and network of partners, their complimenting qualifications resources, and strategic interests allow us to meet any Qualification Criteria set up by our clients and financing bodies and successfully perform works on the Market in different sectors, demonstrate tangible cost efficiency and variety of other competitive advantages.

Our Statement on War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine is disastrous and unhuman. Our team is unanimous in condemning those who instigated this war and are breaking our world founded on cooperation and trust. We support and stand behind the Ukrainian people at this devastating time.
FORLOG is proud to be part of international projects aimed at building, development and increase in quality of people`s lives and will continue building new infrastructure for safe life and peaceful co-existence of all nations.

Our Services

Project Management

Achieving any project objectives requires efficient management. Our project management is known for clear organizational structure ...
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Procurement Services

We are proficient in the latest editions of the World Bank and the EBRD procurement guidelines for equipment services, consultant’s services …
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Through the use of our own in-house engineering group and by carefully selecting appropriate external experts and consultants, Forlog is able to conduct ...
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Financial Management

We provide our clients with a number of invaluable services in this field, for example: a complete review and evaluation of existing project accounting ...
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Current Projects

EBRD - Osh/Kyrgyzstan
Solid Waste Project

The project is aimed at comprehensive improvement of management system for collection and disposal of solid waste in the city of Osh and the surrounding area ...
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EBRD - Yavan/Tajikistan
Solid Waste Project

The Project in the city of Yavan, Tajikistan is financed by the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and is aimed at ...
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PBP Khorgos Kazakhstan
Logistic Park Project

The project aim is to develop and build a large modern logistic center in Central Asia. The project is located directly on the new Silk road ...
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EBRD - Nerungri Water
Modernisation Project

The Nerungri Water Modernisation Project proposes the rehabilitation and modernisation of the water and wastewater infrastructure in the City ...
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