EBRD - Osh
Solid Waste Project

The project is aimed at comprehensive improvement of management system for collection and disposal of solid waste in the city of Osh and the surrounding area.
In February 2022 FORLOG succeeded the initial PIU consultant who’s term has expired and signed the contract with Specialised Municipal Enterprise “Osh Tazalyk” for comprehensive Project implementation support, PIU assistance, procurement and technical supervision. Scope of professional services include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Assistance in further project management;
  • Training and capacity building of the PIU;
  • Design evaluation and development of technical specifications;
  • "Turnkey" procurement of goods and works according to the EBRD PP&R;
  • Coordination of stakeholders' actions;
  • Assistance in fulfilling financial and other obligations to the EBRD in accordance with the concluded agreements;
  • Ensuring timely and targeted disbursement of the Project funds;
  • Contract administration, technical and construction supervision, FIDIC engineer services;
  • Assistance in the environmental and social sphere, ESAP implementation monitoring and control;
  • Reporting.